Course Curriculam of students started on 2010-2011

Academic Year :

First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth Elective

2nd Semester

Course Number Course Title Contact Hours Credit Hours
ITS-0202 Spoken Arabic - II    
ITS-0204 Spoken English - II    
ITS-0206 Spoken French - II 0-2 1.00
ITS-0207 Islamic History, Science and Culture 3-0 3.00
CIT-4201 Computer Programming 3-0 3.00
CIT-4202 Computer Programming Lab 0-3 1.50
CIT-4205 Discrete Mathematics 3-0 3.00
Math-4205 Integral Calculus and Differential Equations 3-0 3.00
EEE-4207 Electrical Technology for Computer 3-0 3.00
EEE-4208 Electrical Technology for Computer Lab 0-3/2 0.75
EEE-4221 Electronic Devices and Circuits 3-0 3.00
EEE-4222 Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab 0-3/2 0.75
  Total L-P Total Hours 18-8



Detailed Course Contents


CIT-4201 Computer Programming

Problem solving techniques, algorithm specification and development, Programming style, Program design methodologies.

Detail and in depth of array, function, pointer, structures, union, files in detail, dynamic memory allocation, sound, graphics, graphics with video memory.

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism of classes.

Recommended text:
1. SOS Programming with C, Author: Gottfreied
2. Complete Reference Turbo C/C++, Author: Herbert Schildt
3. C++: How to program, Author: Deitel H M and Deitel P J
4. Programming Challenges: The programming Contest
Author: Steven S. Skiene, Miguel A. Reville

CIT-4202 Computer Programming Lab

Sessional works based on CIT-4201.

CIT-4205 Discrete Mathematics

Set theory, Elementary number theory, Graph theory, Paths and trees, Generating functions, Algebraic structures, Semigraph, Permutation groups, Binary relations, functions, Mathematical logic, Propositional calculus and predicate calculus.

Recommended text:
1. Discrete Mathematics and Application, Author: Rosen
2. Discrete Mathematics, Author: Nicodemi O CBS, 1989
3. Concrete Mathematics, Author: Knuth

Math-4205 Integral Calculus & Differential Equations

Integral Calculus:
Definitions of integration. Integration by the method of substitution. Integration by parts. Standard integrals. Integration by the method of successive reduction. Definite integrals, its properties and use in summing series. Walli's formula, Improper integrals, Beta function and Gamma function. Area under a plane curve in Cartesian and polar co-ordinates, Area of the region enclosed by two curves in Cartesian and polar co-ordinates. Trapezoidal rule. Simpson's rule. Arc lengths of curves in Cartesian and polar co-ordinates, parametric and pedal equations. Intrinsic equation. Volumes of solids of revolution. Volume of hollow solids of revolutions by shall method. Area of surface of revolution.

Ordinary Differential Equations:
Degree and order of ordinary differential equation. Formation of differential equations. Solutions of first order differential equations by various methods. Solutions of general linear equations of second and higher order with constant co-efficients. Solution of homogeneous linear equations. Applications. Solution of differential equations of the higher order when the dependent and independent variables are absent. Solution of differential equation by the method based on the factorization of the operators.

Recommended text:
1. Integral Calculus, Author: Das and Mukherjee
2. SOS Deferential Calculus, Author: Ayres


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