Faculty (Associate...

IUT welcomes applications from the qualified nationals of the member countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for the post of Associate Professor for its Computer Science and Enginee ...
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Faculty (Professor...

IUT welcomes applications from the qualified nationals of the member countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for the post of Professor for its Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) ...
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It is to notify that all the newly admitted students (B.Sc Engg. & HD Programme) of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department of Academic year 2013-2014 are hereby requested to assemble in ...
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Faculty List

Prof. Dr. M. A. Mottalib

Head of the Department

Email: mottalib(AT)iut-dhaka.edu, cse(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/mottalib/

Dr. Muhammad Mahbub Alam

Associate Professor

Email: mma(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/mma/

Tareque Mohmud Chowdhury

Assistant Professor

Email: tareque(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/tareque/

Dr. Md. Hasanul Kabir

Assistant Professor

Email: hasanul(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/hasanul/

Dr. Mohammad Rezwanul Huq

Assistant Professor

Email: mrhuq (AT) iut-dhaka (DOT) edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/mrhuq/

Hasan Mahmud

Assistant Professor

Email: hasan(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/hasan/

Md. Sakhawat Hossen

Assistant Professor

Email: sakhawat@iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/sakhawat/

Md. Mohiuddin Khan

Assistant Professor

Email: mohiuddin(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/mohiuddin/

Kashif Nizam Khan

Assistant Professor

Email: kashif(at)iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/kashif/

Dr. Md. Motaharul Islam

Assistant Professor

Email: motahar(at)iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/motahar/

Md. Moniruzzaman


Email: moniruzzaman126n(AT)gmail.com

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/moniruzzaman/

Md. Abid Hasan


Email: aabid@iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/aabid/

Ashraful Alam Khan


Email: ashraful@iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/ashraf/

Shaikh Jeeshan Kabeer


Email: sjkabeer(at)iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/sjkabeer/

Moin Mahmud Tanvee


Email: mahmud44(at)iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/mmahmud/

Mahmudun Nabi


Email: mnabi(at)iut-dhaka.edu

Mohammad Arifur Rahman


Email: arif_cit@iut-dhaka.edu

Md. Abed Rahman


Email: abed(at)iut-dhaka.edu

Md. Nahid Hossain


Email: nahid799(at)iut-dhaka.edu

Faculty on Leave

Abu Raihan Mostofa Kamal

Assistant Professor

Email: raihan26(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Md. Ali-Al-Mamun

Assistant Professor

Email: mamun(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/mamun/

A. K. M. Khaled Ahsan Talukder

Assistant Professor

Email: akmkat(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Abdullah Azfar

Assistant Professor

Email: azfar(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Abdullah Al Hasib

Assistant Professor

Email: hasib(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Md. Sarwar Morshed

Assistant Professor

Email: morshed04(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Muhammad Mizanur Rahman

Assistant Professor

Email: mizan742(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/mizan/

Mahmud Hasan

Assistant Professor

Email: hasan18_ccc(AT)yahoo.com

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/mahmud/

Shahriar Kaiser


Email: skaisar(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

S.M. Didar-Al-Alam


Email: didar86(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

S. M. Shahnewaz


Email: shawncit(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/shahnewaz/

Md. Safiur Rahman Mahdi

Lecturer (On leave)

Email: mahdi(AT)iut-dhaka.edu, mahdi(AT)cs.umanitoba.ca

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/mahdi/

Adnan Alam Khan


Email: khan.adnanalam(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/aak/

Faisal Ahmed


Email: fahmed(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/fahmed/

Zaheen Farraz Ahmad


Email: zaheen(at)iut-dhaka.edu

Website: http://cse.iutoic-dhaka.edu/zaheen/

Md. Rahat Hossain

Assistant Professor

Email: rahat(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

CM Mufassil Wahid

Assistant Professor

Email: cmmwahid(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

S M Faisal

Assistant Professor

Email: faisal(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Hawlader Abdullah Al-Mamun

Assistant Professor

Email: hamamun(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

A. S. M. Ashique Mahmood


Email: shahan16(AT)iut-dhaka.edu

Akramul Azim


Email: bijoy456(AT)gmail.com