Computer Graphics

Research Fields

  • 3D Graphics
  • Geometric Modeling

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Publications (Journal)

  • ASM Sohail, B. Mondal, M.R. Islam and M.A. Mottalib, An approach to improve the recognition efficiency of face recognition techniques by increasing sustainability to rotation and noise, Computer Science & Engineering Research Journal, CUET, vol.2, 2004.
  • Mahmood Hossain, Pijush Chakaraborty and M.A. Mottalib, "Design and Implementation of a Three dimensional Graphics Manipulator using Solid Modeling Technique", the Dhaka University Journal of Science, 46(2), pp.287-296, July 1998

Publications (Conference)

  • Pijush Chakraborty, M.A. Mottalib amd Mahmood Hossain, "Design Issues for the Development of a 3D Graphics Manipulator with Solid Modeling Technique", Proceedings, National Conference on Computer and Information Systems, NCCIS’97, pp. 150-155, Dhaka, 1997.