Data Mining

Research Fields

  • Data Mining

Related Faculties

  • Hasan Mahmud
    Assistant Professor
  • S. M. Shahnewaz
  • Md. Moniruzzaman
  • Md Safiur Rahman Mahdi
    Lecturer (On leave)
  • Shaikh Jeeshan Kabeer
    Lecturer (On Study Leave)
  • Moin Mahmud Tanvee
  • Mohammad Arifur Rahman
  • Md Sirajus Salekin

Publications (Journal)

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  • Abid Hasan, Shaikh Jeeshan Kabeer, Kamrul Hasan, Md. Abdul Mottalib, Discriminative Gene Selection Employing Linear Regression Model, Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 13(4):9-14, June 2013.
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