Software Engineering

Research Fields

  • Compilers
  • Software Engineering

Related Faculties

  • S. M. Shahnewaz

Publications (Journal)

  • M.A. Mottalib, Abusaleh M. Jabir and Md. Rafiqul Islam, "An Improved testing technique of easily testable PLAs with product line rearrangement", the Dhaka University Journal of Science, 47(1), pp.35-42, January 1999.
  • M.A. Mottalib and Md. Hasinur Rahman, "Time complexity of logic minimization in Quine McCluskey method with software implementation", Dhaka Univ. Journal of Science, 43(1) : 7-15, 1995 (Jan.)
  • M.A. Mottalib and Md. Hasinur Rahman, "A logic minimization technique using Reed Muller canonic expansion with software implementation", Journal of the Bangladesh Electronics Society, 9 13, Vol.3, no. 1,1993.